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XLarge 1991-Future

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XLarge 1991-Future


XLarge - True OG Streetwear - 1991-Future

In the neighborhood of Los Feliz, on Vermont street in 1991, Eli Bonerz & Adam Silverman opened the store X-Large, which appealed to their eclectic surroundings and Los Angeles lifestyle. The X-Large clothing brand followed the opening, and was quickly adopted by personalities such as Spike Jonez, Chloe Sevigny and gained a partner by the name of Mike D of the Beastie Boys. The brand drew inspiration from work wear, vintage and club scene aesthetics, to mid-century design, skateboarding and music influences. Iconic for its Gorilla logo, X-Large is established as one of the originals and continues to influence generations of streetwear culture worldwide into 2016 - 25 years strong.

To celebrate and preserve the history of the brand’s quarter century mark, X-Large teamed up with Rin Tanaka to create “True OG Streetwear”. Best known for his book series “My Freedamn!”, that focuses on different aspects of American vintage culture, Rin provides his unique vision of X-Large’s history through archives, original artwork, extensive collaborations and rare pictures from an era of a counter-culture generation. The book includes a foreword by co-founder Eli Bonerz, contributions from original staff members and iconic figures such as Slick, Ricky Powell, Haze, Estevan Oriol among others.

241 Page Hardcover Book


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