Geegaw Skull And Sword Black

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Geegaw Skull And Sword Reissue Deck von Powell Peralta.

Some history:
In 1986 jump ramps were all the rage. Easy to build, portable and fun to launch off of. Unfortunately, decks were snapping left and right. Powell-Peralta deck returns were so high the company sought ways to make decks stronger and more resistant to jump breaks. One solution was Bonite construction. Another was the ''Gee-Gaw'' shape which had bumps to reinforce the break zone area. Why ''Gee-Gaw''? Ask Chris Iverson. This shape was also used for the Ripper graphic. They were produced between 1987 and 1988.

About the art:
The Rodriguez ''Skull & Sword'' deck was the first pro signature deck graphic produced by Powell-Peralta. The graphic was conceived by Ray and Illustrated by V.C. Johnson with art direction from George Powell in 1979.

- Wheelbase: 15.125''
- Nose Length: 3.75''
- Tail Length: 6.875''

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