Mail Drop: 38 Years Of Envelope Art

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Title: Thrasher Mail Drop: 38 Years of Envelope Art

- 256 premium-quality pages
- 1200 pieces of art
- Exclusive artist interviews
- Classic letters to the editor
- Four decades of history
- Language: English

THRASHER MAIL DROP is a coffee-table book featuring the best of 38 years of reader art sent to the magazine. Our dedicated audience has mailed us demented doodles on envelopes as well as fine-art masterpieces—and now they are all in one place!

''SOMETIMES TREASURE is hidden in plain sight. Thrasher’s four-decade accumulation of envelope art has been spread out so evenly for so long that the magnitude of this project was not apparent right away. Of course, everyone involved knew there were nuggets of hand-crafted gold scattered through Mail Drop over the years. However, only when this book was being compiled did the staggering bounty of artistic talent, genius and madness become undeniable. There was A LOT of art to choose from. So, we approached it like any snobby curator would do—select the best, edit out the rest. And then, as we gazed at the hundreds of misfit drawings left behind, we said, ''Nah, fuck that. Let's put them ALL in.'' Each envelope sent to the mag is a gift and the weird ones are sometimes the best ones.

This project was a labor of love. Decades of chaotic archiving, missing envelopes, and corrupt digital files meant these jewels were difficult to gather and polish. We painstakingly hunted down lost art and enhanced images made from primitive scan technology. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has ever sent art to the mag. This book is a way to deliver the stoke right back to you.''
- Adam Creagan