Buff Monster

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Author: Carlo McCormick
Title: Buff Monster - Stay Melty

ISBN: 978-1-58423-612-2

- 224 pages
- Hardcover (7'' X 9'')
- 600 Illustrations

An inveterate traveler, painter of walls and canvases alike, sculptor of deranged toys and a fan of the color pink, the enigmatic artist Buff Monster surprises and amuses in all mediums. In his latest monograph, Stay Melty, Buff collects his works in progress, paintings, murals, posters, stickers, Melty Misfits trading cards and toys. As it’s hard to keep up with this energetic artist’s output, fans will be grateful to find much of his recent work in one compact volume. Buff Monster grew up in Hawaii, lived and worked in Los Angeles and currently resides in New York City.