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The Art Of Writing Your Name (Hartl & Hundertmark)

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The Art Of Writing Your Name (Hartl & Hundertmark)


Title: The Art Of Writing Your Name - Urban Calligraphy And Beyond
Author: Christian Hundertmark, Patrick Hartl

Published by Publikat
200 pages, Hardcover
9 1/4'' X 11 3/4'' (23.5cm x 30cm)
ISBN: 978-3-93956-650-2

Stylish lettering has always been of great importance within the graffiti and street art movements. Over the last 25 years many artists have pushed the practice into a powerful stylized calligraphy. The Art of Writing Your name follows the arc of this movement from its earliest practitioners, like Chaz Bojorquez to more recent adopters, such as Usugrow, profiling 35 of the world’s hottest urban calligraphers along the way. Niels SHOW Meulman is a foundational artist in the movement, but others such as Cryptik, JonOne, L’Atlas, SABER, Faust, and Vincent Abadie Hafez also light the way. Graffiti fanatics, hand lettering fans, street art junkies, calligraphy lovers, and type enthusiasts all have something to learn from this fascinating tome. Christian Hundertmark, editor of the ongoing Art of Rebellion series co-authored The Art of Writing Your Name along with Patrick Hartl, creating a comprehensive sourcebook in the process.


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